Jeffrey Heater
Application Developer  •  Hobbyist Game Programmer
Application Developer

Find a position that challenges me to solve interesting problems and expand my skillset. Be a part of a team which will allow me to coordinate my efforts to assist in the creation of entertaining products.

Application Developer
Idle Media Inc(Jun 2010 – Present)

Performed multiple roles in and around managing applications and websites for the company. Created applications for the windows phone and OS platforms. Assisted in the creation of mobile applications for iOS and Android, specializing in the creation of Native Extensions for use with Adobe AIR. Created mobile versions of websites utilizing AngularJS.

Managed and maintained multiple legacy Tap RPG style web games, including a rewrite of one site. Created mobile applications for two of these games. Designed and modeled gameplay systems to be used in those games.

Monitored servers and resolved customer service issues. Worked with coordinating teams of testers to QA mobile applications and games.

Web Application Developer
Liquid Interactive(Sep 2006 – Jan 2010)

Worked as part of a web development team and participated in the design process from start to finish. Cut up templates passed along from the design team into standards compliant HTML/CSS and worked to incorporate them into a custom CMS designed and maintained by the company.

Worked with .NET web services and additional aspects of .NET to add features to this custom CMS. Setup and maintained the databases in SQL and websites in IIS in the development environment, and transitioned these sites into the live environment upon completion and approval process.

Handled maintenance of clients legacy sites with components designed in PHP and Perl. Created design documentation and functional specifications, and assisted project management team in consultations to help ensure a smooth software development process.

Kutztown University
BS in Computer & Information Sciences(2006)

PHP, C#, C/C++, JavaScript, ActionScript, Objective C, Java, ASP